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News Releases Archive Kansas Judicial Branch - News Releases for 2008 12/08/08: Chase County District Magistrate Judge Appointed |11/25/08: New 18th Judicial District Chief Judge |11/21/08: Five Apply for Chase County District Magistrate |11/14/08: Three nominated for Supreme Court Vacancy|11/13/08: Three nominated for 7th District Judicial Vacancy|11/10/08: 1st Judicial District Judicial Nominations |10/23/08: Sixteen apply for 7th Judicial District vacancy |10/17/08: Eight apply for Supreme Court vacancy |10/07/08: 1st Judicial District Judicial Nominations |10/06/08: 10th District Judicial Vacancy |10/01/08: 7th District Judicial Vacancy |09/25/08: 15 Apply for 1st Judicial District Vacancies |09/11/08: Supreme Court Nominating Commission Deadline Set |09/10/08: First District Judicial Vacancies |08/29/08: 1st District Judge Vacancy |08/25/08: Three nominated Johnson County Judgeship |07/25/08: Sixteen Apply for Johnson County Judgeship |07/25/08: Nominees for 3rd Judicial District Judgeship |07/11/08: Fifteen Apply for 3rd Judicial District Judgeship |06/27/08: No. Kansas Lottery|06/25/08: Court to file casino decision Friday (6/27/2008)|06/23/08: 3rd Judicial District Judge Vacancy |06/20/08: Seven Apply for 2nd Judicial District Judgeship |06/20/08: Juveniles have right to jury |06/11/08: Nine Apply for Shawnee County Judgeship | 05/23/08: New 2nd Judicial District Judge Vacancy |05/08/08: New 29th Judicial District Chief Judge |05/06/08: Shawnee County Judgeship Vacancy|05/02/08: Planned Parenthood Unseal Records |04/16/08: Lawyer Assistance Director Named |02/29/08: Supreme Court Special Session - Case Nos., 99,951, 99,972, and 100,042: George R. The 5th Judicial District is a two-county district consisting of Chase and Lyon counties. As a chief judge, Judge Fleetwood will have general management responsibilities in the judicial district, including assigning judicial caseloads and directing all clerical and administrative personnel....

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